For Misa, the love of art began at an early age in Toronto, Canada. Moving country to country as she was growing up, she has had teachers and inspirations from across the world (Canada, Dubai, Iran). She works in many different styles and methods. Through high school, her goal was to pursue a career in her passion which was art. However, as she learned the importance of art on the emotional well-being of humans, she decided to combine her talent and love for art with further knowledge in the study of the human mind and behavior. Thus, she obtained her BSc in psychology, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in the same field. She uses her knowledge of psychology in her art, aiming to use colors and strokes to sway her audience’s emotional state towards inner peace and calmness. These are the influences which continue to define and inspire her work today. 

            Misa is an art instructor and an art therapist as well. She teaches art not only to those who want to learn the technique for the love of art, but also she uses art as a stress relief technique. She teaches art in varios therapeutic methods with individual's who are batteling depression, anxiety, trauma, e.c.t. She volunteers at different educational settings and mental health institutions using art to help others in difficult times in their lives.  She trusts that art can be a tool to reach one's hidden emotions which may not be as easy to speak about as to express in different forms of art. Art can also just be a wonderful form of escape. According to Misa, "whatever way you choose to look at art, it can be exactly what you want out of it and to me, that is the true beauty of art."